Adventures of Raven’s drone footage shot while traveling or just for fun.  This is not motorcycle specific, so I wanted a separate location for this content.  Some will be from travel and some will be from projects related to short films or me just out having fun.  I also want to use this channel to put up some vlogs and tests I am doing with other equipment, like my walk-around setup and other camera equipment including sound.  I am not just going to get up here and ramble on, but actually try and put up some useful content, or at least some FUN content.  Stay tuned for more content.

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I am a: motorcycle adventure rider, network analyst, sword salesman, computer and gadget junkie, drone pilot, filmmaker, editor, writer, content creator, all around crazy fun guy. There is more, but gonna let that settle in for now.

I have picked up more hobbies and activities that should be legally allowed.  This is the portal where I will be giving glimpses into those times and sharing my thoughts, feelings, successes and failures.  Please feel free to not only read and follow along, but participate!  Make use of the comment sections, email me, reach out via any of the social media platforms linked to the right.  The more feedback I receive, the better I can do at bringing more interesting content to this site as well as the others.

My Other Sites

This page is relatively new, when compared to my other blog pages.  I created some of them back as far as 2007.  They cover different subject, from my general overall thoughts (Brad Expounds) to my last trip to Scotland (A Journey to Alba) to my motorcycle adventures (Adventures of Raven).  Please do not hesitate to visit any of those sites for more reading on stuff that wont be covered in much detail on this site.


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